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[Core values]: integrity, professionalism, responsibility, passion, teamwork, innovation.

• “Integrity” is fundamental to doing things for others. Every employee of the company must treat each other with friends, relatives, customers, partners, superiors, and colleagues with a common concern, honesty, law-abiding, truth-seeking, and establish a fair and impartial judgment on people and affairs. .

• “Professional” contains two levels of professionalism and professionalism. Professionalism refers to working hard, improving, and constantly pursuing higher goals. Professional standards refer to the professional knowledge, skills, and abilities that are relevant to the position and industry, and have market competitiveness. They are commercially forward-looking and sensitive, and they are advancing quickly. The ability to implement strategies.

• “Responsibility” includes due diligence and the courage to assume two layers of meaning. Responsibility for Duty means full understanding of your job responsibilities, performance-oriented, and dedication to your work; courage to undertake that you are willing to take responsibility for the results of your work, do not shirk, do not evade, and actively solve problems.

• "Team" is a spirit of common struggle that leads one's mind to one place and one place. Everyone must correctly handle the relationship between individuals and teams, small goals and large goals; and achieve self-worth by obeying teams and achieving large goals. Everyone can actively communicate, speak freely, and form a professional team with a harmonious atmosphere, full of vitality, cohesion of people, and mutual cooperation.

• “Passion” refers to the high emotional and emotional states of work and life that have a positive impact on people around them. It is embodied in: a young, full of vitality, high morale, good morale, contagiousness, proactiveness in work, love of life, self-confidence, happiness, full energy, and never failing.

• “Innovation” Must respect groundbreaking thinking and creativity, dare to take risks, try boldly, and creatively analyze and solve problems; must have the courage and courage to continuously pursue progress, make innovative behaviors respected and protected, establish learning organizations, and pursue excellence.

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